Hi there! I’m Linda! Thank you for stopping by!

I love fashion, beauty, and everything white and pastels! I am no fashion model, but I do believe that I have a sense of style that can relate to some of you out there! I am married to the man of my dreams, who has been such a wonderful supporter to me and everything about me blogging! It might be because he’s into flying drones (his obsession) and spends endless hours on it, so he’s happy that I have found a hobby to keep me busy on the side.

Prior to Le Style Boutique, I first started a Travel Blog called Sweet Simple Serenity, that would capture and document all of our travel and explorations. I wanted to keep this strictly for travel and keeping it a small niche. I then decided to create another blog website (le style boutique) for Lifestyle as a creative outlet that encompasses Fashion, Beauty, Food, and every day lifestyle trends. I can just pile my posts on recipes, DIY, crafts, and so much more, anything that I feel would be a useful topic for anyone. Although I want my readers to be both genders, as coming along, I feel like my style is gearing more towards females, which is still fine with me. It allows me to be more passionate about the things I do write and share about.

I have so many things I want to share with you that I have experienced in my life, more than I can actually write down into the post. Please be patient as I try to compile good quality content for you and not mumble and jumble about nonsense. Thanks again for reading this and I hope you stick around for the next blog posts I’m in process of working on. I hope you enjoy!

~ Linda
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