Hi everyone! This year I am participating in a little Winter Tag 2017 blog assignment and thought this would be a great fun way to introduce myself and for you to get to know me personally while carrying on this special project. Let’s begin with some fun stuff sharing with you a little winter theme of our holiday favorites! This Winter Tag consists of 15 winter/holiday related questions! 

If you’ve been tagged, it’s time for you to answer them too!!! Once you answer all 15 questions, tag at least 5 other blogger friends to complete it next! Tag the person who tagged you too, so they can read your answers!

ONE: What is your favorite holiday tradition?

My favorite holiday tradition is dressing really nice and formal and going to Christmas Eve mass as a family. Back when I was younger, my church used to do a Christmas concert right before mass with all the different choir groups of all ages and also performed plays and skits. This was the most festive and memorable Christmas tradition for me, to be surrounded by Christmas spirit and Christmas music!

TWO: What is your favorite go to winter lippies?

I’m usually a nude pink matte lipstick girl, but my lips gets pretty dry and flakey during the winter season. Lately, I’ve been using a moisturizing lip gloss that lasts me most of the day and keeps my lips hydrated and subtle. I really like this Korean brand lip gloss called VerySix Lip Gloss in Coral. It keeps my lips shiny, subtle, moisturized, hydrated, and adds a touch of coral color to give my lips a pop of lifeness. They are kind of hard to find, but luckily they sell these on ebay and make sure you purchase ones that are shipped from ‘Korea’ to make sure they’re authentic. This is definitely my current favorite for my lips right now!

THREE: What is your favorite winter scent? (Candles, perfumes, etc.)

My favorite winter scent this year would have to be Vanilla Bourbon! My hubby made a vanilla bourbon pumpkin pie this year, so it’s just been this year’s theme in the household. Nordstrom currently is carrying Voluspa Bourbon Vanille scented candle and it’s in a pretty white tin that will look great with any décor throughout the year! This would be a great Christmas gift!

FOUR: What is your Go-To winter fashion trend?

My winter fashion trend is ALWAYS scarfs, hats, gloves, boots, knitted socks, big loose sweaters, and fitted winter coat!
I am a big fan of clothes that are warm, cozy, comfy, and stylish at the same time!

Shop my style! {Links below}

for the warm, cozy, and stylish trends!
Guys!! You can’t go wrong with getting the ladies these cute, soft, and stylish accessories that she’ll just love using throughout the winter season!

1. Garter Stripe Stitch Blanket Scarf by Rebecca Minkoff in Pale Pink
2. Happy Trails Faux Fur Pom Beanie by Free People in Lavender.
3. Bow Pom Gloves by Kate Spade in Cream.
4. Pala Boot by Ugg in Seal Suede.
5. Fleeced Lined Socks by Ugg in Cream.
6. Cable Knit Socks by Ugg in Cream with Gold.
7. Cowl Neck Sweater Dreamers by Debut in Mocha
8. Quilted Parka by Ralph Lauren in Moda Cream

FIVE: Your all time favorite holiday movie?

Growing up, I really loved watching the Home Alone series! It’s one of those movies that can bring up laughter and excitement into anyone’s home.

SIX. Your all time favorite holiday song?

I really enjoy all classical Christmas music. There’s really none that’s better than the other. As long as it puts me into the Christmas spirit, then I’m all boogying it. But I do remember loving ‘Last Christmas’ by WHAM so much for the longest time!!!

SEVEN. Do you prefer to travel during the holidays or stay home?

I prefer either way! Normally when I do travel, I would travel to Seattle, since half of my relatives’ lives up there and it’s just so great to see everyone! The other half of my relatives lives locally. My husband and I likes to host parties, so it’ll be nice to someday move into a bigger home and be able to put together a big feast! We still do that now, but with way less people.

EIGHT. Your favorite winter skin care must haves? (2)

My all year round favorite moisturizer is Philosophy Renewed Hope in A Jar Moisturizer. I have combination and acne prone skin and this moisturizer is so nice and light, but it also keeps my skin hydrated. It feels really good quality and clean. I really love this moisturizer!

My second favorite is the Kate Somerville Oil-Free Moisturizer. My skin still gets oily during the winter season. This is the perfect moisturizer that will moderate my oily skin, yet keeps my skin nicely moisturized.

NINE: Your favorite winter hair care must have?

As my hair becomes more dry and brittle during the winter season, I’m in love with using Aveda’s Damage Relief hair treatment. I’ve been using this for about a decade and it’s my go-to when my hair needs a moisture healthy boost!

TEN: Your favorite winter activity?

I really enjoy going snowboarding up in the mountains! I love being able to escape away and emerge myself in a lot of snow. Thankfully the time range for this activity can vary between October to April. I really just like to give a reason to go up to the lodges for a nice wintery snowy view.

ELEVEN: Your must have winter beauty product?

My favorite winter beauty product is the Bobbi Brown Blush in Pale Pink. I usually transition to this blush color into this season as my skin starts to become more pale and the sun tan starts to fade away. The Pale Pink has a purple’ish pink hue that brightens a wintery skin glow.

TWELVE: Do you love the snow or hate it?

I love snow!!! I live in Oregon and we get one to a week’s worth of snow, so not much during the year. When we do get snow, I’m like a kid and gets excited from beginning to end!

THIRTEEN: One item on your wishlist this year:

I really want a super Chunky Knitted Wool Blanket this year! I’m seeing them all over Instagram and I’m obsessed with it! I really want to own one soon!
I’ve been showing pictures to my husband and giving him hints on how I would love one! 😉

FOURTEEN: Your favorite holiday treat?

I love homemade peanut butter fudge! It’s the only time I would indulge in so much peanut butter and fudge!! Would be great homemade gifts to give out as well! 🙂

FIFTEEN: Holiday shopping finished before December or last minute?

To be honest, it’s so hard for me to go shopping for others as I want to get them the perfect gift, but in reality, it’s not that easy. It’s easy to shop for myself, because I know what I want and need. I also want people to find my gifts useful rather than keeping it around and do nothing with it. I know Christmas time is the most stressful time of the year, I try to keep my gifts more general and not too personal and save those personal gifts for birthdays. I’m definitely a last minute shopper, as I’m still shopping even after the holidays… that’s when you can find the best sales! Why not?!

I know this has been a fun challenge for me as I’m writing up this blog assignment. At the same time, I would like to say that this has allowed me to create a Gift Guide for winter fashion trends that I like. I hope you find this useful and has maybe gotten to know me a little bit more. Feel free to let me know where I need improvements on or what you would like to see more of. Thank you for reading this and I am excited to get the ball rolling in becoming more engaged in the coming year as a blogger!

Have a wonderful lovely winter Holiday!!