(Cute pink Mishiboxes! I look forward to this every month)

If you’re into Korean beauty skin care products, Mishibox subscriptions are a great way to get introduced to many Korean skin care brands, that you would not know or ever heard of otherwise! It’s not like these products are easily accessible or available. I was formerly subscribed to another beauty subscription box and had to cancel my membership, because I’ve kept collecting so much makeup and products that were not my color palette or wouldn’t work for me. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great way to try some products that you would never have thought to buy or try. But after having a collection of unwanted make-up, I’ve decided to cancel the subscription, so I can stop building up so much unused/unwanted products. That’s when I discovered Mishibox! I have been a Mishibox subscriber ever since they launched their second Mishibox, which I can happily say that it has been over two years now! Whoa! Time flies when you’re getting great stuff!! ♥


(Back when I was receiving Ipsy and Mishibox subscriptions)

I get so excited everytime when I receive this cute pink box in the mail and have been pleased with every box I have received. There is always something for everybody in this adorable box! I believe there are many times you will get more value than what you pay for. Sometimes you’ll receive a full size moisturizer that’s $25++…$40. Every Mishibox comes with at least 3-4 full size items and a facial mask. The good thing about this box is that there is something for anyone can use, whether it’s facial mask, moisturizer, toner, cleanser, lip balms, skin treatments, some makeup, and more! There’s no color restriction, it’s all about skin care and who doesn’t want to care for their skin, right?! I think it’s definitely worth giving it a try or upgrading to. I feel like the price is a good value and reasonable compared to other subscription boxes out there.

The Mishibox subscriptions are only $19.95 a month and this include shipping/handling. You can earn reward points for every month’s subscribed Mishibox, purchased items on their websites, or write a review. These reward points can easily add up and be redeemed for discounts ($5, $10, $25 off, 10% or 15% off) on future purchases. Also, some of these products are hard to find here in the US, so take advantage of this user-friendly outlet to some awesome Korean brand products!

The Mishibox also include an informational card listing out all the items in the box, description of what it is, what it’s for, what are the benefits, how to use it, and the original cost of the items. Seriously, they can’t get more friendlier than that!


Here are some examples of my past Mishiboxes that I was able to capture. Sorry if it’s from 2 years ago. I might need to start taking pictures of the more recent ones. I haven’t had much reason to take pictures until now 🙂

Once I receive the November 2017 box, I’ll make sure to add that to the bottom 🙂


(November Mishibox 2015)

This was probably one of my favorite box, because I fell in love with the D’RAN Wonder Snail Treatment cream, that’s selling on Amazon D’RAN Wonder Snail Treatment Cream for at least $25-$38. It feels so nice and light, yet smooth and moisturizing! It’s amazing when you’re getting at least one product that’s more than what you would pay for the entire box. Of course every month can be different in value, but for the most part, I think they balance out and you’re always getting your money’s worth rather than getting chipped. Also in this box came with a Secret Key Snail EGF Repairing Eye Cream that runs from $12-20, that’s over half of what you pay for the subscription box.


(August Mishibox 2015)


(April Mishibox 2016)

Oh I like this box too! I love the MCC Perfect Finish Pore Pact. It’s a translucent mattifying powder you can touch up during the day! That’s already around $10 elsewhere.


Stay tune for the November2017 Mishibox. I will post a photo once I receive it 🙂