It’s getting near the holidays and when you’re in a middle of making pie and you don’t have a leaf cutter, but really wanting to add a nice touch of leaves on your pie, I found a quick and simple way of making a leaf design with your leftover dough by hand. You can do it…. it’s very easy!

These leaf designs adds a beautiful accent to any pie! Let’s get started!


1. You will need a paring knife or any knife that has a smooth sharp point. I’m using a Calphalon Contemporary pairing knife that is included in our Calphalon Set, but you can buy individual knives like these Calphalon Paring Knife, I really love using this paring knife for so many things such as detailed work like this.

2. Roll out your extra dough










3. Using your knife, pointing your knife at the top, working your way slicing down to create a nice outter curve shape on one side of the leaf and ending at the bottom of the leaf (this will actually be the tip of the leaf). Do the same for the other side. (Also check out my video tutorial below)



4. Score a line straight down through the middle to create the leaf center stem



5. Then score the edges of the center stem to add the leaf stems.



6. Now you have these beautiful handmade leaves that you can decorate your pie with! You can pinch the ends of the leaf to create a base stem if you like. It’s very moldable and you can play around with different styles. This is just a basic, quick, and simple way to get you started.



7. Add these leaves to the top of your pie, however you like and Voila! You now have a beautiful gorgeous holiday pie!!


Enjoy the Holidays!!


Video Tutorial Here ⇓



Let me know how it goes! I’m always trying to find easy and simple ways on DIY 🙂
Make it fun and not a task!



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