Prepping for a short or long road trip somewhere and the first and only thing that’s on your mind is COFFEE? Well, you definitely need to fuel up on some carbs and proteins to help satisfy some hunger. Here are some list of items that you can take along on a ride with you. First, you need to own a coffee maker, Cuisinart Stainless Steel Programmable Coffeemaker!

“But First, Coffee”

1. Turkey Pepperoni Sticks

Turkey Pepperoni Sticks, these pepperoni sticks are my favorite! They are packed of protein and contains no sodium nitrates or msg.

2. Trail Mix

Trail Mix are a perfect blend of nuts, dried fruits, seeds, and some chocolates. Full of minerals, proteins, and vitamins.










3. Boiled Eggs

We usually boil almost a dozen of eggs that we keep in our fridge every week, so that you can conveniently grab and eat at home or take with you to work or on a road trip. Perfect and healthy protein snack. I usually like to pre-peel them and put it in a Tupperware to take to-go.

4. Crackers

Crackers are great to get some carbs in the tummy and help absorb some of that caffeine from the coffee.

5. Cut-up Fruits

I love cutting up fruits and storing it in a container and fridge the night before. There’s just something refreshing about snacking on pre-cut fruits when you’re on the road.


6. Water

Definitely always pack up lots of water. They go by pretty fast and it’s the only thing that can hydrate and wash down all those snacks on the road.

7. Ginger Ale

For those that needs a touch of carbonation .This is my favorite! It has pretty good ingredients without any high fructose corn syrup.



I hope you like my list! I’m all about finding healthy and beneficial snacks! Have fun on your road trip!!