Winter season is just around the corner, you don’t have to feel isolated or cabin feverish to be staying in. Your home is your sanctuary and you want to make the best and most out of it.


1. Take a Hot Bubble Therapeutic Bath

If you work long night shifts, wouldn’t the best thing you look forward to at home is a nice hot bubble bath filled with therapeutic essential oils?! Um yes please! Enjoy a hot bath with the lights turned off, candles lit, and ambient soft music in the background. Make it your tranquility and a moment that you get to take for yourself and your body. It’s relaxing and rejuvenating for your soul. I would rotate from difference bath essentials every time depending on your mood and how you feel that week. Having a collection of variation of bath essentials is such an investment, it allows for you to have this ‘spa-like’ treatment at your disposure. You deserve to treat yourself well and there’s no guilt in any of this.

2. Get A Massage

It is so worth the investment to acquire a massaging device. There are a variety forms of massaging devices, whether you want a massaging chair for your back or an (isqueeze) for your foot, it just depends on the person, but everyone has specific needs. This is a must-need item if your body gets overly tensed up at work and build up knots. You can use a detachable chair massager that would either rest on a chair or even on the floor against the bed or wall. Try using it for two or even three whole rounds. Also add a time squeezer by adding a facial mask to the routine to use in the meantime, such a time saver for your busy lives!

3. Drink Hot Tea or Hot Beverage

Green tea, chamomile, chai latte, mocha… they’re all so comforting. You can enjoy these warm beverages anytime of the day, while you’re relaxing, watching TV, at your desk or mingling with your housemates. There’s just something so comforting about drinking a warm beverage at home, especially during the cold wintery season.

4. Snuggle Up and Watch a Movie

Make sure to bust out those fluffy fleece blankets! It’s time to enjoy some movies you’ve been putting off or been wanting to see. Make some popcorn and enjoy the cozy nights with some freshly oven baked goods. It’s nice to save a good movie for the weekend, gives you something to look forward to and making it memorable.

5. Play Board Games

Who doesn’t like playing games right?! Your mind will keep strengthening as long as you practice your mind playing strategic games. Of course you can play games anytime of the year, which means you should have a collection of games at home already, right? If not, here are some of our favorite board game picks.

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6. Give Yourself a Facial

Like I mentioned above, you can combine putting on a facial mask while sitting on a massaging chair for that optimum spa like treatment at home. Or just find some relax time and use some facial Mask.

Make sure to:
1. Wash your face
2. Exfoliate/Scrub
3. Then apply facial mask and leave on for 20 min.